Favorite Music of 2014: Matt Zimmerman

10) St. Vincent – St. Vincent
Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, is an enigmatic tour-de-force. Her appearance is typically demure and clothing is regularly elegant but clash with her menacing guitar and audacious vocals. Self-describing her new album Annie stated it’s “party music for a funeral.” It’s that dichotomy that makes her music enticing and alluring. Her growth each full length is more than admirable considering her sophomore album was quite the album in its own right but now four albums in, she is proving her ceiling is somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.

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“Can We Break Down All These Walls?” – Getting to Know Big Monsta

Big Monsta is:

Jimmy Hua, Adrian Sanchez, and Mike Willson

These Monstas have been a band as they stand currently for about 2 years, though they’ve known eachother for 8+ years.  Jimmy, Mike, and Adrian all did APA (Academy of Performing Arts) together in their younger years.  I say that like they’re old now, ha!

The lineup solidified when recording started.  Mike was recording/producing at MAPS at the time, where Big Monsta went to record.  Jimmy showed Mike the recordings that had already been completed, and after plenty of back-n-forth, Mike re-recorded.  Issues with old writing partner resulted in Mike falling into the drummer role and ta-da!

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#LBLG :: #LocalBrew :: Ritual Brewing

We are very excited about the brewery lineup we have at our Local Brews Local Grooves event on Oct. 25th at the House of Blues, Anaheim. One of our featured breweries is Ritual Brewing from Redlands.

Ritual is a production microbrewery meaning its primary focus is producing packaged beer for distribution to restaurants, bars and stores.  We will have a tasting area and offer tours and other special events to allow people to experience the brewery, learn about craft beer and how it’s made, and enjoy Ritual beer fresh from the brewery.  The brewery itself is 23,000 square feet housing a 30 barrel brewhouse built to our specifications.

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#LBLG :: #LocalBrew :: Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits

Ok guys, if you don’t already know, we absolutely love beer here at unEARTH Music Hub. In fact, we thought about changing our name to unEARTH Beer Hub. On Oct. 25th we’re hosting another event that features local beer and local music. One of our featured breweries is Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits – sponsors of our very first beer and music event – whom have become good friends of ours. They are responsible for some of the more impressive varieties of local brews ranging from super sessionable pilsners to a huge, 10% imperial stout.  The following beers will be available for your tasting pleasure at our Local Brews Local Brews event on Oct. 25th at the House of Blues, Anaheim:

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