tap takeover show 3/6 1080-01

Our Biggest Announcement of the Year

Something is happening in Orange County. Something stupendous. Something enormous.  Something so phenomenal that it will be heard about for years to come and will be visible from space upon its happening on March 6th.

All I need to say is: Jack Black, Thom Yorke, Matt Bellamy, Robert Plant, Taylor Swift, Barry Manilow, Shania Twain, Susan Boyle, David Bowie… Do I have your attention now?

The list above are all names of people in the music industry. We created that list as device to entice you to read on…

Sorry, we are not above cheap marketing ploys.


You heard it right, here at the unEARTH Music Hub we have been planning one of the biggest events Orange County has encountered. We are playing match maker for one of the best and obvious couples to never be paired together in the local scene. We are combining independent local rock music with specialty craft beer in the form of concert-meets-tap takeover provided by Ballast Point at Santa Ana’s Copper Door on March 6th.


Often times breweries takeover roughly 10-13 taps. At our event, Ballast Point is taking over 25 taps. 25! Did you hear us?! 25 specialty beers… THAT’S HUGE! Oh by the way, they’re bringing a cask-conditioned ale as well. 26 beers!

That is the beer side; musically we are providing some of the best rock acts Orange County has to offer. On the bill we have these OC giants:

Hicks Canyon Band
Alice Wallace
The Higgs
Jeramiah Red
Robert Jon & the Wreck

Why hasn’t this happened before!?!?! Beer and Rock! What is there not to love?! Plus, it is all taking place at the local beer/music destination, Copper Door.

We will be providing giveaways throughout the month of February in the form of CDs, free beer, free tastings, brewery tours, and many more!

To be entered to win any of these prizes, you have to follow these simple steps:
1. Like us on facebook.
2. Share this post on your facebook to all of your friends.
3. Tag unEARTH Music Hub in the post.

Don’t be like the guys in the video unless you want Ben to show up in a suit and snap beers into your hands… actually that sounds pretty awesome. Just don’t be lame like them and come to event.

Here’s a list of the beers to be on tap:

1. Longfin Lager
2. Wahoo White
3. Pescadero Pilsner
4. Pale Ale
5. Calico Amber
6. Piper Down Scottish Ale
7. Reef Rye Brown
8. Tongue Buckler Imperial Red
9. Even Keel Session IPA
10. Grunion Pale Ale
11. Fathom IPL
12. Sculpin IPA
13. Big Eye IPA
14. Dorado Double IPA
15. Black Steamboat
16. Black Marlin Porter
17. Navigator Dopplebock
18. Victory at Sea Imperial Coffee Vanilla Porter
19. Sea Monster Imperial Stout
20. Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
21. Habanero Sculpin IPA
22. Guallio Calico Amber
23. Chipotle Black Marlin Porter
24. Indra Kunindra Curry Stout
25. Syrah Barrel Aged 3 Sheets Barleywine

tap takeover show 3/6 1080-01