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This is the OC Music Awards

It’s that time again.

It’s the time when every human in the land, from noble to peasant, join together in celebration and ritual to honor the timeless god given gift of music. A tradition so celebrated through cheer, debauchery, feast, praise, and all around joviality. Families are reunited and distant relationships are reformed through the experience. Throughout the celebration a competition emerges… Those who play and are worthy to wield such trained artistry, compete in an epic battle royal organized by the nobility and those who want to keep traditions alive. Those who can’t play celebrate. They develop loyalty to sides and symbols of those in the competition in a relationship comparable to medieval  knights and their adoring fans. It’s a time of unity; heartache; honor; integrity; all with the over arching attributes of peace and love. It is, put simply; Legendary.

Sounds fun doesn’t it…

Who is this clan I speak of? Sounds like a fictional group that would be better casted in a Lord of the Rings flick…

You would be wrong…

What if I told you that the clan that I so speak of is actually Orange County? And what if I told you that this celebrated tradition described above is the embodiment of the OC Music Awards?

Nay-Sayer: “But wait; Orange County is filled with stuck up wealthy white kids whose only experience in music is through the musicals and operas their rich parents take them to over family vacation. This isn’t LA!! No one in Orange County can play music… …can they?”

Here at the unEARTH Music Hub, we say: “YES! And go jump off a bridge with your prejudged remarks. You nay-saying fool.”

To get serious:
Yes the OC Music awards are back and better than ever. Night 1 of IMG_2259the best live band showcase series began last night, January 7, and it was a truly unforgettable event with everything described in the top paragraph and more. The showcases will take place every Tuesday night for the  next 6 weeks and if night 1 was any indicator on what is to come; then, we are in for a real treat.

Night 1 kicked off the series with a loaded set consisting of (in order from set time) Breach the Summit, Ceasefire, The Devious Means, Jeramiah Red, and The Field Trip, the Yost Theater was packed to the brim with fans and filled with sounds that LA would be envious of.

Clear sponsorship by Pop Chips, Wahoos, KROQ, Red Bull, Audio Fly, and many others made for a cohesive evening filled with good vibes, good food, and good company. Oh, and besides alcohol sales, EVERYTHING was free.

Don’t miss these events. The best bands of Orange County are competing for best live band so what does that mean as a show goer?
1. The bands want to win; so this is going to be among the best live shows you’ll see; WHY?
2. These bands have been practicing and promotion these showcases for a long time. They will be throwing everything into these sets. HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! WHAT ELSE?!?! 
3. Did we mention that it’s free? YES BUT I WASN’T LISTENING!!!
4. Did we mention that there is free food? OH MY GOD I’M SO HUNGRY!!!!
5. Did you know that each event will be hosted by a KROQ personality? I’M GOING I’M GOING PLEASE STOP!!

Bafoonery aside. The OC Music awards is one of the only “battle of the bands” competitions that gets the unEARTH “shovel” stamp of approval. It is good natured. It is fair. It is legit. It is fun.

We talk a lot about risks involved in going to a local show (bands could suck, costs money, etc.); but these risks are completely taken out of the equation through these showcases.

Go check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Below is the lineup for the showcase.

Looking forward to the next few weeks. See you at the Showcase!!!

-Ben Kashuk

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