Prepare your taste buds and sound receptors for an unbelievable festival of taste and sound…

House of Blues and unEARTH Music Hub Present:


That’s right people, once again the House of Blues and unEARTH Music hub are bringing you a Craft Beer and Music Festival that we like to call, Local Brews Local Grooves. (#LBLG)

Last time the #LBLG festival came around we featured 8 of Orange County’s and LA’s strongest musical talent on 2 stages and paired up with 4 superb breweries from all around Southern California. We filled the House of Blues beyond capacity and pure epicness ensued as the pairing of Beer and Music resonated from the rooftops of Orange County’s most well known Music Destination.


We weren’t satisfied with just that.

We had to more.

If we were to do it again, it had to be bigger. It would have to be better. It would have to destroy what awesomeness was built at the first event…

This was the result of that thought process:

On October 25, 2014 we are featuring 9 Breweries and 16 Bands Across 3 Stages

You can’t miss this. We are introducing a new stage to the festival that will expand the size and capacity of the event so that we can expand to give you MORE music, MORE beer, and MORE food parings.

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Get ready for insanity.

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