mistaken for strangers

Indie Film “Mistaken for Strangers” is Finally Making a ‘National’ Release.

Get it? The National… A ‘NATIONAL’ release.

Yes, I am talking about indie rock trailblazers, The National; but no, I am not talking about one of the band’s songs that put them on the map back  in 2007.

The “Mistaken for Strangers” I am referring to is a documentary based, indie film shot, produced, and directed by lead singer, Matt Berninger’s, younger ‘deadbeat’ brother, Tom Berninger.

You follow that ok? The little brother of the lead singer of the National filmed and put together a documentary from the band’s world tour.

The Berninger Bros. Matt on left Tom on right.
The Berninger Bros. Matt on left; Tom on right.

Anyway, the movie has been playing at various festivals over the past year but nowhere local or easily accessible. Recently however, it has been announced that “Mistaken for Strangers,” will be released in select theaters, on demand, and on iTunes beginning March 28th.

I am not for certain what the story, if any, of the film is about, but from what I have read it goes something like this:

“When Matt hires Tom as a roadie for the band’s upcoming world tour, Tom brings his camera to film the entire experience, ignoring his job responsibilities in the process. What follows is a hilarious and touching story about family, ambition and self-discovery.” – Thewrap.com

Ok, it goes exactly like that. Take a look at the trailer and keep your eyes peeled for this bad boy. I know I will!

-Ben Kashuk