Early Streaming of Dave Simonett’s Solo EP Razor Pony

Blue Grass hero Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles is slated to release a solo EP entitled Razor Pony on January 28th.

Courtesy of TheCurrent.com and Soundcloud, the Blue Grass savant is providing an early streaming of the EP before it’s scheduled release.

Filled with airy tones and honest, cerebral lyrical themes, Razor Pony is an introspective, emotional roller coaster that reveals a bold statement of truth through self deprecation that leads to actualization.

Be sure to have a box of tissues and a gallon of ice cream near by on this one; it’s a heart wrencher and warmer which will have you wiping whiskey soaked tears from your eyes. The bluegrass-meets-speed-metal symantics of Trampled by Turtles were seemingly thrown out the window on Razor Pony which, in my humble opinion, was the next natural step for Simonett.

The Turtle’s most recent work has revealed deliberate movement from the speed and a focus on melody, lyric, and song writing. As Simonett works with his gut on this release, perhaps a return of a face melting, blue grass album by Trampled by Turtles is on the horizon…

I can only speculate…

and hope…

because blue grass is awesome.

Razor Pony is a different yet, approachable experience by a classic talent.

Click here for the article and Soundcloud Stream

-Ben Kashuk