Ground Sound S3E9 – Throwbackcast

unEARTH Music Hub presents Ground Sound podcast episodes featuring underground and not-so-underground bands. This #throwbackcast episode features bands we personally listened to in highschool (’02-’06): Linkin Park, Blink-182, Green Day, Something Corporate, My Chemical Romance, Weezer, Slipnot, AFI, and System of a Down.

**Time Stamps Indicated by (0:00:00)**

Linkin Park – Crawling (00:09:35)

Blink-182- Feeling This (00:16:19 )

Green Day – She’s a Rebel (00:22:07)

Something Corporate – Cavanaugh Park (00:28:55)

My Chemical Romance – Thank You For The Venom (00:38:19)

Weezer- Troublemaker (00:43:32)

Slipnot – The Blister Exists (00:50:43)

AFI– Dancing Through Sunday (01:01:58)

System of a Down- Question! (01:05:45)

Intro/Outro song by Jeramiah Red

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