Ground Sound S2E7 – The Originalites and Wax Fang

unEARTH Music Hub presents Ground Sound podcast episodes featuring underground and not-so-underground bands. This week: The Originalites and Wax Fang.

We apologize for Mike’s muffled voice in the beginning. He thought the back of the microphone was the front.  Dummy.

**Time Stamps Indicated By (0:00:00)**

The Originalites (0:05:20)
Featured Music:
Full Track: Spinning ‘Round (0:07:30)
Clip: Sidewalk Ska (0:20:32)

Wax Fang (0:27:05)
Featured Music:
Full Track: Majestic (0:31:53)
Clip: At Sea (0:39:50)

Book Club (0:44:10)
wax fang Wax Fang – The Astronaut

News (0:56:03)
Legends We Lost (0:55:57)
Radiohead Releases An App (0:59:02)
Drake vs. Rolling Stone vs. PSH (1:00:58)
Olympics #Boilingpoint (1:04:00)
Safety Dance Game (1:06:30)
Live Music vs. Recorded Music (1:07:30)
J-Lo Fias-co (1:09:30)
Craigslist Killer (1:11:00)

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OC Music Award Night #6 (1:15:15)
Annie McQueen Album Release (1:22:05)

Intro/Outro song by Jeramiah Red
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