Ground Sound Podcast S2E6

unEARTH Music Hub presents Ground Sound podcast episodes featuring underground and not-so-underground bands. This week: The Higgs and Hotel Cinema.

**Time Stamps Indicated by (0:00:00)**

The Higgs (0:03:38)
Featured Music:
Full Track: Rain & Thunder (0:06:45)
Clip: Till Tomorrow (0:18:39)

Hotel Cinema (0:21:50)
Featured Music:
Full Track: This Misfortune (0:25:32)
Clip: Elegy (0:33:59)

Bookclub (0:39:58)
Broken Bells – After the Disco

News (0:52:11)
Greenday’s Dookie is 20 Years Old (0:52:15)
Red Hot Chilli Peppers @ The Superbowl (0:55:01)
Flappy Bird Is No More (0:58:20)
Jay Leno Passes Torch to Fallon (1:01:35)

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OC Music Awards Night #5 (1:09:23)
Alice Wallace (1:09:50)
Nilu (1:13:00)
The Higgs @ The Harp Inn (1:18:40)
This Time with Feeling and Hotel Cinema @ Detroit Bar (1:21:17)

Intro/Outro song by Jeramiah Red
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