Ground Sound Podcast S2E5

unEARTH Music Hub presents Ground Sound podcast episodes featuring underground and not-so-underground bands. This week: The Devious Means and Terraplane Sun.

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unEARTH Music Hub Show Announcement (0:02:35)

The Devious Means (0:04:25)
Featured Music:
Full Track: “Tell Me Mama” (0:10:03)
Clip: “Shake” (0:18:55)

Terraplane Sun (0:21:44)
Featured Music:
Full Track: “You Never Know” (0:23:43)
Clip: “Tell Me I’m Wrong” (0:35:08)

The group turns on Josh due to his thoughts on the Troubadour and other LA Venues(0:37:48)

unEARTH Music Hub Show Announcement (0:39:36)
Give Away Rules
More about this Epic Event:
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Bookclub: (0:43:54)
Young The Giant – Mind Over Matter

Shows Week of 1/27 – 2/2:
atariSUNSHINE @ Detroit Bar (0:53:08)
OC Music Award Night #5 (0:55:18)
**Tangent: Real Talk on The OC Hard Rock/Metal/Punk Scene (0:56:10)**
Poor Man’s Change @ Constellation Room (1:03:15)
The Lonely Wild Residency @ Detroit Bar (1:05:08)
Robert Jon & The Wreck and The Janks (1:09:34)
Sega Genocide @ La Cave (1:10:46)

Tech Time: (1:14:58)
Social Media/Twitter

Intro/Outro song by Jeramiah Red

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