Ground Sound Podcast S2E3

On this week’s episode of the Ground Sound Podcast the men discuss the amazing shows they experienced last week. It wasn’t just any week of shows however, it goes down as one of the strongest weeks in music Orange County has experienced in a long time… or at least, these guys thought so…

Take a listen and find out why in Seasons 2 Episode 3 of the #groundsound podcast.

Featured Music: Live Oak Revue, Nilu

**NOTE: Apologies on the gremlin sounding Ben this week. He lost his voice from the epicness of this historical week in concerts.**

**Time Stamps indicated by (0:00:00)**

Daena Jay @ Detroit Bar: (5:09)

Daena Jay was the Highlight of the night. Great voice with pop influences
Josh draws upon his creative mind to give us an obvious metaphor
The unEARTH Music Lover makes an appearance

OC Music Awards @ Tustin District: (8:21)
We get the Rules of the OC Music Awards Right (8:35)
The Hicks Canyon Band (10:32)
David & Olivia (12:12)
Annie McQueen (14:55)
Live Oak Revue (18:16)
Me and the City (22:52)

Featured Music: Live Oak Revue (24:37)

Tangent on Steve Maggiora
The term “Feet Stamping,” gets a make over

The Lonely Wild Residency @ Detroit Bar (31:30)

Is Orange County Digging the Lonely Wild?
The responsibilities of cat (or mee-you) ownership

Nilu EP Release @ Constellation Room (37:05)
Hicks Canyon Band (37:21)
Nilu (43:50)
Yellow Red Sparks (1:01:31)

Featured Music: Nilu (48:13)

Derrick gets a lesson on saying “OC Music Awards”
The “That Makes me Moist,” Game
Ben and Nilu use the same Keyboard
A tech time emerges out of thin air
Talking about NAMM, Josh gains enemies in the form of drummers
Ben turns into Jewish Grandmother
The awkward man in the audience

Red9 @ Slide Bar (1:03:40)

How Ben lost his voice
Jeff Lyon’s (Bassist of Red 9) wife gets Ben and Mike Drunk

Epicness @ the Detroit Bar (1:08:41)
King Washington (1:09:08)
Well Hung Heart (1:12:14)
The Janks (1:14:43)
The Lucky Lonely (1:19:35)

We lose our sh*t because the show was awesome
Derrick becomes a “Woo Girl”

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