The Most Underrated Instrument. Ever.

This morning I found myself perusing through YouTube’s slightly new interface and stumbled across the following video. Give it a watch:

Wow! This girl is a Celtic revelation! Great singer and she plays the harp like a champ. THE HARP! Easily the most underrated instrument on the planet. Why is the harp such a rarity in modern music? The obvious exception being Florence + the Machine’s “Dog Days Are Over”, but that hardly counts because the repetitive staccato riffs are entirely unimpressive (*Hipster statement of the day*). I’m talking sweeping glissando and stimulating syncopation. I’ve only ever had the pleasure of hearing a grand concert harp (the kind in the video below) up close maybe once or twice, but I remember being blown away by the experience. I move for legislation that requires all bands to employ at least one harpist, ideally two or more. I am determined to make this happen before I’m stuck listening the great harp beyond the proverbial pearly white gates of eternity.

-Josh Davis