9 Reasons Why the Grammys Are A Giant Pile Of Doo-Doo… And 1 Reason Why They Are Exceptional

With the 2014 Grammy Awards behind us, it got us thinking…

“This freaking thing sucks!”

In fact, this was our **slightly explicit** reaction:

We dig into our premise with a look at the last few years of Grammy Awards in the form of a LIST!

Why The Grammys Are Awful

1. This List Exists:
Artists Who Have Never Won A Grammy
To summarize the above link, artists include: Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Who, and Jimi Hendrix

2.  They Force Non Trending Artists Of Yesterday, Like Madonna, To Mix With Popular/Trending Music Of Today That Clearly Doesn’t Fit.

Result: Man Raps While Recently-Bitten-Walking-Dead-Extra-Woman Sings: (Watch @  4:18 of below)

3. Stupid Sh*t Like This Happens And Comes Off Eye-Rollingly Cliche And Anything But Ground Breaking: (Watch @3:30 of above video)

4. Who Keeps Giving This Guy A Microphone and Hosting Privileges?

Nothing Against LL but is he really the most qualified applicant of the last 3 years?

Nothing Against LL, but is he really the most qualified applicant of the last 3 years?
And when does Dave Grohl or Jack Black take the mic?
UMH Says: “Hire Serj Tankian for an unforgettable Grammy Experience”

5. Some Adult Let This Happen

You’re Not Worthy!

6. This Kind of Crap Happens to Respected Musicians:

Trent Reznor tweet

7.  Why Did It Take almost 50 Years For The Beatles To Get a Lifetime Achievement Award?

How are they any more significant this year as opposed to last, or 5 years ago... or 10 years ago?!

How are The Beatles any more significant this year as opposed to last…
or 5 years ago… or 10 years ago?!

8. We Have Had To Sit Through ‘Ground Breaking’ Performances Like This:

The F*ck I Just Watch?

9. It’s Basically An Excuse For The Music Industry To Suck It’s Own D*ck Of Mediocrity With More Mediocrity…


The One Reason Why The Grammys Are Exceptional:

This Video Exists: