6 Epic Collaborations and Covers (For Better or For Worse) Pt. 1

Covers. Love ’em or Hate ’em, they happen. When they happen people go freaking nuts. Period. Be it at a stadium filled with 10,000’s of people or a local show of 25, the ears perk up and tune in when a familiar sound begins vibrating through the ear canal.

Same goes for guest appearances. Whether Chester Bennington comes out and starts to sing with Chris Cornell, or Wes Dickson of Jeramiah Red joins Moonsville Collective for a tune; the feeling is new and fun.

I believe Colbie Caillat said it best: when any of the above occur and are pulled off somewhat well or epically, you “get tingles in a silly place.”

colbie-caillat-300x400I think we all know what she means by ‘silly place,’ right? …right?

So here is Part 1 of Epic Collaborations and Covers performed by big name artists.

1. Aaron Lewis of Staind and Corey Taylor of Slipknot Covered Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” Acoustically

Corey Taylor is the man. End of Story. If you are not familiar with his work, he is front man of mask wearing, keg smashing, sh*t flinging, metal band, Slipknot. I am sure you’re saying to yourself, “Wow, who knew a guy in a metal band could sing?!” Well, he can. And stop judging metal your honor, Judgey McJudge-town. Corey Taylor is a great artist of high musical significance and it is cool seeing him play with Aaron Lewis of Staind.

As you may remember, Staind is that angsty 90’s band who wrote eye watering ballads like, “It’s Been A While” and “Outside.” Not going to lie, these guys are a bit of a guilty pleasure. Staind’s music was just so freaking sad that for an angsty high schooler (yes, I am referring to myself) it was just drugs. Heavy, hard, emotional drugs. I couldn’t get enough of it. Aaron Lewis was speaking to me, man. He taught me how to feel… but feel the way a man is allowed to feel.

I don’t have to explain myself to you…

You wouldn’t get it anyway…

**stomps upstairs and slams the door**

Anyway the 2 juggernauts teamed up for this acoustic set and played a handful of covers. It’s pretty darn awesome. They sound pretty good too. Not Phenomenal; but pretty good. Just the fact they are on stage together is an amazing sight to be seen.

2. Alicia Keys and Adam Levine Covered The Rolling Stones’s “Wild Horses”

Another confession. I love Alicia Keys. She’s sexy. She’s smooth. Her voice is like hot chocolate, marshmallows and a cigarette after sex. I guess you can say I think pretty highly of her.

Adam Levine brings her down here if you ask me. Her version of “Wild Horses,” is STUPID good.  Levine adds a few things here and there but honestly, its the “Alicia and her Keys,” show… (see what I did there?) I mean Adam didn’t even have to bring a guitar with him… Whatever. Great Cover.

3.  Young the Giant Covered Gorillaz’s, “Empire Ants”

This is one of those cover songs that show me a true band’s potential. Upon deciding to play this cover, Young the Giant aligned themselves as an enormous force to be reckoned with.  Honestly, who gets together at band practice and says: “Hey guys, you know what would be cool? A cover of an indie/brit/electronic song that isn’t all that popular and rock it out in our own style. I think that would go over well.”

Being an enormous Gorillaz fan, I can say that it did go over very well. Great choice; great cover; great band.

4. Sara Bareilles Does a Damn Good Job on “Sittin On The Dock Of The Bay.”

Sara Bareilles is an extraordinary talent. There is no way getting around it. I’ll admit, for me, sometimes her overtly pop nature turns me off from her music and I forget how talented she is. Watching her cover of “On the Dock of the Bay,” reminded me of her sheer talent and all around attractiveness… I mean, showman ship… I mean show-womanship… …whatever.

She also does this excellent bare-bones cover of “Oh! Darling.” Both are worth watching. Just fantastic. One day I might be Brave, and write her a Love Song then get denied, and not talk about my feelings, because I will  Bottle it Up… That was pretty punny… no?

5. This God Damned Brilliant Performance of “Stairway To Heaven,” honoring Led Zeppelin while Led Zeppelin watches.

Watch it and be amazed.

6. Chester Bennington of Linkin Park Joined Chris Cornell on the Classic Temple of the Dog song, “Hunger Strike.”

Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington, eh? Big fans of their works individually but the question remains: What will they sound like together? You decide in this Temple of the Dog track that was originally sung by Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. Chester gets the big parts in the obvious areas and then he lets Chris take over the finale for the REALLY big notes.

It wasn’t bad, right? Not great… a little sloppy at moments, but still f*cking rad as hell.

On the vain of Chris Cornell… I’ll let him sign us out with his rendition of “I Will Always Love You…” …I hope this was a joke?