Local Brews Local Grooves Artist Spotlight #2


Get to know some of the #LocalGrooves at #LocalBrewsLocalGrooves on May 30! Tickets and event page at the bottom of this page!

Gardeners Logic

Style: Alt Country/Rock/Folk
Stage: Outdoor Stage
Description: Ian Bailey started Gardeners Logic as a solo act over 7 years ago but after a short break, the band has grown into a full-band rock act. Coming in from Huntington Beach, they’re locals to the bone; often referencing OC spots in songs such as “Costa Mesa” and the driving “La Habra”. Their 2012 Self-Titled release leaned heavily on the folk and country of yesteryear but have added a shimmer of pop and 60’s Kinks influence on their recent singles “R&B”/”Bottle Of Wine.” Gardeners Logic is a strong live act (and returnees to the HOB: Anaheim stage) that will definitely bring the groove to our Local Brews Local Grooves.

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Moonlight Graham

moonlight graham band photo

Style: Folk/Bluegrass/Americana
Stage: Terrace Stage
Description: If you attended our last Local Brews Local Grooves, you’ll be familiar with these roots rockers. If you didn’t: 1) make it up to us by getting to Anaheim May 30 and 2) the famed baseball player will not be performing. What you will get from the BAND Moonlight Graham is a raucous, fun time! Steeped in the Americana roots, they will get the floor moving at House of Blues with quick strumming and a strong rhythm section. Armed with some great originals, the band might just bust out a cover for us as they’re known to do. 

King Washington

King Washington

Style: Indie Rock/Pop/Psychedelic
Stage: Main Stage
Description: Although they call Southern California home, King Washington are no strangers to the road. The band spent much of last year gigging in New York and Milwaukee at regional residences. The standout quality of tunes like “Nobody’s Journey” from 2013’s The Overload are their vocal harmonies a la indie darlings Grizzly Bear. The intricate chord progressions in songs like the Title Track to their debut full length The Gears makes for a entrancing listen that keeps you guessing with each listen. Don’t be fooled though, they can still bring the riffs to the stage. They have a much bigger sound than you’d expect for a trio which bodes well for all attendees May 30!


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