Local Brews Local Grooves Artist Spotlight


Get to know some of the #LocalGrooves at #LocalBrewsLocalGrooves on May 30! Tickets and event page at the bottom of this page!

Wetwood Smokes

Style: Indie Rock/Rock/Alt
Stage: Outdoor Stage
Description: Wetwood Smokes is a relatively young band out of Costa Mesa, CA. Hailing as one of Orange County’s best power trios, the Wetwood Smokes boys bring a refined, yet edgy styling to their rock forward attributes, contained in a highly listenable and relatable package. Musicianship and artistry is the band’s weapon of choice as they frequently mix and match instruments during their set with each member being as proficient as the next as they swap. Complete with classic songs that will be left stuck in your head for days, these cats are the first band to get your ears and taste buds going at Local Brews Local Grooves.

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Style: Indie Rock, Folk
Stage: Terrace Stage
Description: Reigning from LA, Boroughs is an indie rock project with natural roots in folk, americana, and blues. With hook derived artistry and an attention to lyrical poignancy, the bands aesthetic is engaging and timeless. Check them out below and don’t miss them at #LBLG

The Diamond Light

The Diamond Light

Style: Indie Rock
Stage: Main Stage
Description: The Diamond Light produce a truly uniquely, rich sound blending modern rock aesthetics with intricate instrumentation with blues-derived roots. Their 3 piece performance is awe inspiring as they dominate and fill in a space big enough for a 6 piece band. Complete with aggressive guitar riffs and catchy melodies that are sure to get repeated in your brain, you may have a hard time containing the natural head banging motions that will flow through your being as the band engulfs you in their sound. Don’t miss The Diamond Light on the Mainstage at Local Brews Local Grooves.

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