Album Review: Lakes – Fire Ahead

California is nicknamed the golden state; famous for dazzling beaches and decadent lifestyles. The boisterous sounds and glitzy lights of the Los Angeles music scene only aid to distract from the amazing talent spread across the West Coast. Lakes, a melodic rock band from San Luis Obispo are one of the wonders lost in the lights. While you may not find them on the cover of Rolling Stone or headlining the Hollywood Bowl, their fresh new album Fire Ahead will leave you no-less in awe than that of the vibrant hues from a California sunset.

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Album Review: Teenager – The Magic of True Love

KISS – keep it simple, stupid. This mantra has rung in the halls of my mind many times throughout the years. When I began pitching in little league, my coach reminded me (in a few more words). My middle school English teacher gave us this tip when taking a final. Teenager, the moniker of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bevan Herbekian, has boldly applied this adage to his debut solo album The Magic of True Love.

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Album Review: Manchester Orchestra – Cope

I recently got into what has become my second favorite new podcast Going Off Track (#1 being Ground Sound of course) hosted by Jonah Bayer & Steven Smith. The first episode I listened to featured Geoff Rickly of Thursday as guest whom I HIGHLY respect. He discussed his solo work and how nervous it made him after 15 years of having a group behind him. He also mentioned a phenomenon known as the “okay plateau” which, in short, refers to actually becoming worse at all activities in your life once you become very successful at a single task. He brought this up because although he was nervous starting a new chapter in his life, it also helped him break past the “plateau” of being in a band for so long.

After hearing this, my mind went to Manchester Orchestra during their last album cycle for Simple Math. While the album was in no way a flop, it lacked the vibrancy of their spectacular sophomore album Mean Everything to Nothing. It felt like they had reached their own plateau after a decade of non-stop touring & recording. Fast forward 3 years and the band has clearly regained their momentum to release Cope.

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Album Review: Kiev – Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth

If you’ve ever packed for a weekend camping trip, you’ll know it can be quite daunting. Not only in choosing the essentials but then trying to stuff it all into a small overnight pack. Kiev performs this task with sounds rather than material possessions on their debut full length Falling Bough Wisdom Teeth but nonetheless with a skill that would signify a seasoned group of weekend warriors.

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Album Review: Broken Bells – After the Disco

broken bells atd

Broken Bells : After the Disco
Rating: 8/10

With the release of their second album entitled After the Disco on February 4th 2014, it is clear that Broken Bells is staying true to their roots of what can only be classified as a retro disco movement aboard the death star. James Mercer’s voice sounds as if it has been coated in liquid gold and polished to brightness comparable to the sun. Meanwhile, Danger Mouse’s grooves set the listener into consistent motion like a 30’s Disney Cartoon starring the choreography of John Travolta and Uma Thurman.
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