Tom Morello Solo Album

Everyone’s favorite face-melting, fret-shredding, baseball-cap-wearing, Rage Against the Machine  guitar god is releasing a solo album! I’m talking about Tom Morello of course. He toured
with Bruce Springsteen and his E Street band late last last year and was featured pretty heavily on their newest record High Hopes (he also had a hand in Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball in 2012). The tour must morellohave lit a creative fire under his booty because Morello is now gearing up for his own project. This all has me especially excited because you might imagine the heavy-hitters he can/should bring in to feature on the record. Both Rage Against the Machine and Springsteen have active tour dates listed on their website for this year but I seriously hope that won’t prevent him from touring his own record when it’s finished.  Hurry up and release this thing, Mr. Morello!

-Josh Davis
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