unEARTH X-country Skiing Hub

There is a little something we came up with to make the lengthy Olympic event of Cross Country Skiing a little more exciting that involves Men Without Hats’ hit single, “Safety Dance.”

To participate, simply mute your television while the event is happening and play this 80’s classic as a soundtrack. The result reveals a pairing that is so obvious, it’s scary.

Below is a little taste of what we are referring to. Enjoy.

Our Biggest Announcement of the Year

Something is happening in Orange County. Something stupendous. Something enormous.  Something so phenomenal that it will be heard about for years to come and will be visible from space upon its happening on March 6th.

All I need to say is: Jack Black, Thom Yorke, Matt Bellamy, Robert Plant, Taylor Swift, Barry Manilow, Shania Twain, Susan Boyle, David Bowie… Do I have your attention now?
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This is the OC Music Awards

It’s that time again.

It’s the time when every human in the land, from noble to peasant, join together in celebration and ritual to honor the timeless god given gift of music. A tradition so celebrated through cheer, debauchery, feast, praise, and all around joviality. Families are reunited and distant relationships are reformed through the experience. Throughout the celebration a competition emerges… Those who play and are worthy to wield such trained artistry, compete in an epic battle royal organized by the nobility and those who want to keep traditions alive. Those who can’t play celebrate. They develop loyalty to sides and symbols of those in the competition in a relationship comparable to medieval  knights and their adoring fans. It’s a time of unity; heartache; honor; integrity; all with the over arching attributes of peace and love. It is, put simply; Legendary.

Sounds fun doesn’t it…

Who is this clan I speak of? Sounds like a fictional group that would be better casted in a Lord of the Rings flick…

You would be wrong…

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