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Interview: Dustin Lovelis

Long Beach native Dustin Lovelis has been playing music for the better part of the decade starting off his public career with The Fling. After releasing their stellar debut in 2010, an EP the year following, and a follow-up full length in 2013, the band slowly faded out of view. After stepping out of the spotlight Dustin emerged last year with the track “Off The Rails” and a succeeding solo debut. I spoke with Dustin via e-mail earlier this month to talk about his past, the current album and most importantly, his favorite nightcap.

Stream/purchase the album on Bandcamp where you can also pick up the vinyl version.
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Favorite Music of 2014: Matt Zimmerman

10) St. Vincent – St. Vincent
Annie Clark, a.k.a. St. Vincent, is an enigmatic tour-de-force. Her appearance is typically demure and clothing is regularly elegant but clash with her menacing guitar and audacious vocals. Self-describing her new album Annie stated it’s “party music for a funeral.” It’s that dichotomy that makes her music enticing and alluring. Her growth each full length is more than admirable considering her sophomore album was quite the album in its own right but now four albums in, she is proving her ceiling is somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy.

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Interview: Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver)

I spoke with Jessica Dobson, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Deep Sea Diver on August 8, 2014. After years of an unfruitful relationship with major label Atlantic Records, she forged out on her own and began a full-on band: Deep Sea Diver. Prior to 2014, the band released an EP (New Caves [2009]) and a full length (History Speaks [2012]). The band, Jessica & Peter Mansen (drums), are back with a 4-song EP entitled Always Waiting and a few new faces: Garrett Gue (bass) & Elliot Jackson (guitar). This is my conversation with Jessica about the release, their upcoming sophomore full length, and her run-in with latenight host Conan O’Brian.
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Interview: Seth Roberts (Lakes), Part 2

Here is the culmination of the interview with Seth Roberts (singer, guitarist, songwriter) of Lakes that took part both on May 23 and July 17, 2014 via phone. He was gracious enough to speak to me at length about the band’s recording process, a special announcement regarding the promotion of the new album and much more great insight into their new album Fire Ahead out now.
If you did not catch part 1 of the interview, check it out here.

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Album Review: Lakes – Fire Ahead

California is nicknamed the golden state; famous for dazzling beaches and decadent lifestyles. The boisterous sounds and glitzy lights of the Los Angeles music scene only aid to distract from the amazing talent spread across the West Coast. Lakes, a melodic rock band from San Luis Obispo are one of the wonders lost in the lights. While you may not find them on the cover of Rolling Stone or headlining the Hollywood Bowl, their fresh new album Fire Ahead will leave you no-less in awe than that of the vibrant hues from a California sunset.

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