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State of the unEARTH Address – March 2014

Hello unEARTHicans,

My name is Ben Kashuk and I am a co-founder of the Orange County-based media group, unEARTH Music Hub along with Josh Davis and Michael Klein. This “State of the unEARTH Music Hub Address” is coming to you due to our drive to be transparent in all things we do. We have been a company for over a year now (a year and 4 months to be exact) and we strongly believe in the notion of full disclosure. More specifically, making you, the followers/supporters, aware of what we have been up to, where we came from, and telling a few success stories. Our goal is to keep you updated with not only the local music scene, but with what we are doing to continue to provide the freshest, most consistent, and reliable information on local music. Here at the unEARTH Music Hub, we feel there is something to be said about your source for information, and herein lies our need for transparency, so that you may not only enjoy the content we put out, but trust it as well.

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5 More Cover Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die

It is time for another installment of, “cover songs you need to hear before you die.” Last time we saw greats like Chester Bennington sing “Hunger Strike”  with Chris Cornell, and Corey Taylor team with Aaron Lewis for an acoustic rendition of “Comfortably Numb.”

This time we have a new batch of noteworthys that will make you rethink what you already know about mainstream music.

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Album Review: Broken Bells – After the Disco

broken bells atd

Broken Bells : After the Disco
Rating: 8/10

With the release of their second album entitled After the Disco on February 4th 2014, it is clear that Broken Bells is staying true to their roots of what can only be classified as a retro disco movement aboard the death star. James Mercer’s voice sounds as if it has been coated in liquid gold and polished to brightness comparable to the sun. Meanwhile, Danger Mouse’s grooves set the listener into consistent motion like a 30’s Disney Cartoon starring the choreography of John Travolta and Uma Thurman.
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