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Interview: Seth Roberts (Lakes), Part 2

Here is the culmination of the interview with Seth Roberts (singer, guitarist, songwriter) of Lakes that took part both on May 23 and July 17, 2014 via phone. He was gracious enough to speak to me at length about the band’s recording process, a special announcement regarding the promotion of the new album and much more great insight into their new album Fire Ahead out now.
If you did not catch part 1 of the interview, check it out here.

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Album Review: Lakes – Fire Ahead

California is nicknamed the golden state; famous for dazzling beaches and decadent lifestyles. The boisterous sounds and glitzy lights of the Los Angeles music scene only aid to distract from the amazing talent spread across the West Coast. Lakes, a melodic rock band from San Luis Obispo are one of the wonders lost in the lights. While you may not find them on the cover of Rolling Stone or headlining the Hollywood Bowl, their fresh new album Fire Ahead will leave you no-less in awe than that of the vibrant hues from a California sunset.

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Album Review: Teenager – The Magic of True Love

KISS – keep it simple, stupid. This mantra has rung in the halls of my mind many times throughout the years. When I began pitching in little league, my coach reminded me (in a few more words). My middle school English teacher gave us this tip when taking a final. Teenager, the moniker of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Bevan Herbekian, has boldly applied this adage to his debut solo album The Magic of True Love.

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