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Album Review: Manchester Orchestra – Cope

I recently got into what has become my second favorite new podcast Going Off Track (#1 being Ground Sound of course) hosted by Jonah Bayer & Steven Smith. The first episode I listened to featured Geoff Rickly of Thursday as guest whom I HIGHLY respect. He discussed his solo work and how nervous it made him after 15 years of having a group behind him. He also mentioned a phenomenon known as the “okay plateau” which, in short, refers to actually becoming worse at all activities in your life once you become very successful at a single task. He brought this up because although he was nervous starting a new chapter in his life, it also helped him break past the “plateau” of being in a band for so long.

After hearing this, my mind went to Manchester Orchestra during their last album cycle for Simple Math. While the album was in no way a flop, it lacked the vibrancy of their spectacular sophomore album Mean Everything to Nothing. It felt like they had reached their own plateau after a decade of non-stop touring & recording. Fast forward 3 years and the band has clearly regained their momentum to release Cope.

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