Album Review: Sam Means – 10 Songs

Musical genres can be like Legos; you can snap a seemingly endless number of them together and somehow they stick together. This doesn’t mean, however, that they will make sense or even be aesthetically pleasing to anyone other than an awestruck spectator. Sometimes though, simpler is better. This is where recording artist Sam Means shines. Formerly one half of the much beloved and now defunct Format, Sam has been releasing music under his own name via soundtracks, singles and EPs for the better half of the last decade. He’s finally emerged with his first full length 10 Songs which emanates a sincere, timeless vibrancy that is as forthright as its title.

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Album Review: Lemolo – Red Right Return

It’s a rare individual who can say their formative years were not fraught with struggle. It truly is a battle; there’s a reason it is called growing pains. That is what makes Lemolo’s (nom de plume of Meagan Grandall) musical journey from her debut album The Kaleidoscope to her recently released Red Right Return so much more astonishing. Not only does she dodge the cliche awkward stumbles of a second album, it showcases an enriched body of sound.

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Interview: Dustin Lovelis

Long Beach native Dustin Lovelis has been playing music for the better part of the decade starting off his public career with The Fling. After releasing their stellar debut in 2010, an EP the year following, and a follow-up full length in 2013, the band slowly faded out of view. After stepping out of the spotlight Dustin emerged last year with the track “Off The Rails” and a succeeding solo debut. I spoke with Dustin via e-mail earlier this month to talk about his past, the current album and most importantly, his favorite nightcap.

Stream/purchase the album on Bandcamp where you can also pick up the vinyl version.
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