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Interview: Jessica Dobson (Deep Sea Diver)

I spoke with Jessica Dobson, the singer, songwriter, and guitarist of Deep Sea Diver on August 8, 2014. After years of an unfruitful relationship with major label Atlantic Records, she forged out on her own and began a full-on band: Deep Sea Diver. Prior to 2014, the band released an EP (New Caves [2009]) and a full length (History Speaks [2012]). The band, Jessica & Peter Mansen (drums), are back with a 4-song EP entitled Always Waiting and a few new faces: Garrett Gue (bass) & Elliot Jackson (guitar). This is my conversation with Jessica about the release, their upcoming sophomore full length, and her run-in with latenight host Conan O’Brian.
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“Where You Wanna Be When the World Stops Spinning?” – Getting to Know Randsburg

Last week I sat down with Wyatt and Austin Fullmer (yes, they’re brothers) and began what was a laughter-filled Q & A running the gambit from straight answers to things that’d make your mom blush.  Bryce filled in the blanks shortly thereafter, his answers were a tad more PG rated, but just a tad.   Upon deciding to interview Randsburg, I knew exactly where I’d be interviewing them; Iron Press is this killer little waffle sandwich place at the SoCo Collective with quite the impressive beer selection.  Let’s get down to the nitty gritty, shall we? Continue reading


Ground Sound S3E12 – Popcast Part 2

unEARTH Music Hub presents Ground Sound podcast episodes featuring underground and not-so-underground bands. The boys dig into all things Pop music in this week’s episode from definitions, to implications, to “One Hit Wonders,” to the King of Pop Himself.

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This #popcast episode features Chumbawumba,Fountains of Wayne, Muse, Lady Gaga, John Lennon, Elton John, John Lennon Queen, and Michael Jackson.

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Interview: Seth Roberts (Lakes), Part 2

Here is the culmination of the interview with Seth Roberts (singer, guitarist, songwriter) of Lakes that took part both on May 23 and July 17, 2014 via phone. He was gracious enough to speak to me at length about the band’s recording process, a special announcement regarding the promotion of the new album and much more great insight into their new album Fire Ahead out now.
If you did not catch part 1 of the interview, check it out here.

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