Album Review: O’Brother – Endless Light

I’ve always found the concept of entropy quite comforting. The idea that our universe is slowly but persistently spinning out of control a little bit at a time. Although I generally perceive life through a half-full glass, there is a slight relief knowing some of the liquid will unavoidable spill over the lip. Maybe that’s why events like Y2K or 12/21/2012 always build in the collective conscience to epic proportions. Maybe that’s why bands like Atlanta’s O’Brother are invariably writing the soundtrack to the coming apocalypse. Continue reading Album Review: O’Brother – Endless Light

Album Review: Deep Sea Diver – Secrets

Some things soften with age but Deep Sea Diver isn’t one of them. The Seattle troupe have reemerged with their sophomore full length Secrets – and they aren’t holding back any punches. The band began as a stage moniker for Jessica Dobson (guitar, vocals) when she released her New Caves EP but quickly expanded to include a variety of revolving members throughout the years. The band’s current, and longest running, lineup includes Peter Mansen (drums), Garrett Gue (bass), and Elliot Jackson (guitar, keys). They released their debut full length History Speaks in 2012 to critical acclaim but continued to slide under the radar.

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Interview: Sam Means

For those of us that were around before “We Are Young” got a bazillion streams and was heard on every radio station, there was The Format. Sam Means was one half of the brilliant duo with now fun. frontman Nate Ruess. Since The Format called it quits in 2008, Sam has gone on to release a couple EPs and even a soundtrack which spawned the cult hit ‘Yeah Yeah.’ For the last few years though, Sam has been quietly penning his debut full length 10 Songs which was released in late January of 2016. I penned a couple questions of my own and Sam was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to answer them. You can read the conversation below.

You can also stream/purchase his album 10 Songs on Bandcamp and pick up the album on vinyl with a variety of other goodies through his own merch company Hello Merch.

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Album Review: Sam Means – 10 Songs

Musical genres can be like Legos; you can snap a seemingly endless number of them together and somehow they stick together. This doesn’t mean, however, that they will make sense or even be aesthetically pleasing to anyone other than an awestruck spectator. Sometimes though, simpler is better. This is where recording artist Sam Means shines. Formerly one half of the much beloved and now defunct Format, Sam has been releasing music under his own name via soundtracks, singles and EPs for the better half of the last decade. He’s finally emerged with his first full length 10 Songs which emanates a sincere, timeless vibrancy that is as forthright as its title.

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Album Review: Lemolo – Red Right Return

It’s a rare individual who can say their formative years were not fraught with struggle. It truly is a battle; there’s a reason it is called growing pains. That is what makes Lemolo’s (nom de plume of Meagan Grandall) musical journey from her debut album The Kaleidoscope to her recently released Red Right Return so much more astonishing. Not only does she dodge the cliche awkward stumbles of a second album, it showcases an enriched body of sound.

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